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Edmund Abekhe


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Every bid we submit is a bid we can realistically defend as we will never give you any excuses why we are changing anything at the last minute and our Word is Our Bond.

This is a family run business. We take pride in putting a smile on the customer's face as our record speaks for us. In the short time that we have been doing this our customers have experienced first hand qualities such as:

1. Efficiency, reliability, penchant for details
2. Maturity, honesty; integrity
3. A Can do attitude
4. Compassion 
5. Timely delivery

You too can experience these and more first-hand when you take a chance on us.

NB: Please note that all prices quoted are negotiable depending on customer's circumstances at our discretion.


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Was the driver on time: Yes

Did they have straps and blankets: Yes

Was the driver respectful: Yes

Great service, phoned to check and arrived early. Very efficient and careful with the boxes. Highly recommended.

6 months ago

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