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Had straps and blankets

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He was lazy, rude and argumentative. He thought he had all the time in the world but even after I informed him that people had to get to work he still said we had plenty of time. Would not go with this driver again. My son and daughter had to do most of the work at the pick up point whilst he just stood around. He turned up at my property and I was stood at the open door while he sat in his van phoning me. I think he should have got out and come to the door because after getting out of the van he would have seen me and not needed to phone and waster more time. Also he had to be prompted to apologise for being late. At 8.25 he phoned to say he would be there at 9am and he turned up at 925am. He had no manners whatsoever.

CMV response:

We are sorry that the driver/customer relationship appears to have broken down at your booking.

In terms of the driver's delay, we do have a lateness refund policy which you will find attached to your booking confirmation.

9 months ago

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