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Monica Andrzej Chwast


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We are a multi van company




Vehicles in use are all long wheel base Citreon Relay's and LWB Peugeot Box van seen in picture, these reliable Vans provide a large load space enabling any size items to be transported safe and securely everytime, weather it be a big or small parcel all care is taken to insure your goods are collected and arrive exactly as you would expect.






No job is too big or small, office moves, house/flat or multi drop contracts have been full-field by Mone Van Transport LTD. All vehicles come fitted out with all the essentials such as trolleys, webbing removal blankets etc any other questions or concerns you may have please request a call back, I'm always happy to hear from you. 







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  • 2nd Floor Skyways Hub
  • Speke Road
  • Liverpool
  • United Kingdom
  • L70 1AB
  • Company number 15614061
  • VAT number 464774651


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