Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Why are we so cheap?

A) No, there are no extra charges applied to book through our platform.

A) You will start being charged once the service provider has parked and made contact with you. Charging stops once the last item is inside the destination property.

A) The prices will change as you get closer to your move date. The reason for this is competitive prices get booked fast leaving only the services who charge more available. We advise you book a service provider as soon possible for the lowest prices.

A) Yes, we have acquired the services of WorldPay and PayPal who are trusted around the world.

A) Companies tend to lower their prices slightly when using our platform because they have no advertising costs or sign up fees to pay.

A) To confirm your Man and Van Removal service simply click the Book Now button on the Quotes page and follow the payment instructions.

A) Yes, all drivers are insured. Service providers displayed with a Gold badge on the quotes page offer premium cover.

A) Yes, for higher insurance cover please contact Compare the Man and Van or your home insurance provider.

A) In the unfortunate event that an item is damaged please contact Compare the Man and Van by going to Help & Support and messaging us on our Live Chat.

A) No, unfortunately there is no software available that recognises if you are moving within or through the congestion zone, which means £15.00 will be added on top to your online quote. You need to pay a £15.00 daily charge if you required the driver to drive within the Congestion Charge zone 07:00-22:00, every day, except Christmas Day (25 December). You can pay the additional monies to your driver directly on the day of the move.

A) No, unfortunately there is no software available that recognizes if your journey passes a toll road, which means that the cost to cross a toll road will be added to your online quote. Our drivers will avoid the toll charges where possible, here is a list.

A) If a driver's price appears on the quotes page this means that the driver is available for the time you need.

A) No, all online quotes are subject to a two hour minimum charge.

A) Yes, if the vehicle has to pay to park the fee will be added to your total.

A) You will receive an email confirmation straight away with all the details regarding your move.

A) Yes, the man and van service provider will issue you with either a paper or electronic receipt on completion of your move.

A) The price breakdown shows all of the details that have been calculated to create your quote.

A) Yes, there is no limit to the number of stops you can make during your move. Simply click the' add stop' button inbetween the collection and delivery postcodes on the My Move page.

A) All of our service providers do their best to be on time. In the unlikely event your vehicle is delayed you will be contacted and kept up to date with an estimated time of arrival.

A) Yes, you can travel in the van with the driver. If you order the driver + 1 man help loading only 1 customer can travel in the vehicle with the service providers.

A) The additional charges you may receive are the half hourly charges that are applied after the number of hours you have selected expire. These charges are clearly displayed on the Quotes page.

A) We advise customers to book their man and van removal service as soon as possible to secure availability.

A) Compare the Man and Van's help centre is available 08:00-22:00, 7 days a week. You can contact us by going to Help & Support and messaging us on our Live Chat.

A) Yes you can, but unfortunately without a confirmed date and time you will not be able to confirm a man and van booking.

A) It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure enough men are ordered, if you require more man power on the day of your move please speak with your service provider directly who may have contacts available to help complete the move.

A) Yes, you can either arrange the return journey with your driver directly or make a second booking on the website and apply your discount code which is located on your email confirmation.

A) The way to get the best price is to enter your details into our quote form and select 'no help needed' this will return the lowest quotes.

A) The best way to prepare for your move is to be as calm as possible and make sure that everything is packed and ready to go for when the service provider arrives, then let the professionals do the rest!

A) Yes, respect is very important to Compare the Man and Van, not only will the service providers respect your items but they will respect you. All vehicles carry trollies, straps and blankets to ensure that your items are safe and secure during transport.

A) You do not have to personally be present on the day of your move but the service providers will need a friend or family member who has to be over the age of 18 to let them into the pickup, via and destination addresses.

A) The man and van services and removal companies will have all of the necessary paper work for you to sign if required, this will include insurance documents.

A) When the service provider arrives at the pickup address you should find them to be polite and ready to start your move.

A) Yes, all of our vans come with at least a driver, if you are considering hiring a van to drive yourself please take the time to view our Man and Van vs Van Hire page which can be found in the areas we cover section of the website.

A) Yes, you can make as many changes as you wish. Please call your service provider directly using the contact details on your email confirmation.

A) No, but you can request a call back from the service provider from inside their driver profile.

A) Yes, you can cancel at any time. If you cancel with more than 7 working days before your booking is due to start you will get a full and immediate refund. If you cancel within 7 working days please view our cancellation policy to see how your refund will be affected.

A) Whilst home surveys are not standard procedure, the driver may be able to arrange a survey with you directly. You are able to message the drivers directly from the Quotes page of the website, prior to booking.

A) This depends on the service provider in question and a few different factors such as how local the service provider is to your home address and availability. When there is a small charge for a survey it is normally very small just to cover the cost of the fuel used to get to and from your home address.

A) No, Compare the Man and Van do not supply storage facilities.

A) No, but you can request the number of boxes you require in the brief description box on the My Move page, then your driver will contact you to confirm your order.

A) Yes, our service providers do come equipped to dismantle and re-assemble items. If this service is required please add the name of the items to be dismantled in the brief description box which can be found under the vehicle images on the My Move page.

A) No, unfortunately there is no software available that recognises if your van will need to board a ferry.

A) No, unfortunately not all service providers opt into offering customers the promo discount because their prices are already heavily discounted. The reasons for this are the service providers have no advertising or administrative costs to win your booking and therefore they can offer you a reduced price every time.

A) No VAT charges are added to your quotes, this is because all service providers are self employed sub-contractors and incorporate any overheads into their pricing structure.

A) If you are travelling within the congestion charge zone on a weekday (Mon to Fri) between 07.00am and 18.00pm you will not be charged an additional £10.00 for the T- Charge if the drivers vehicle is aged 2005 or older.

A) Whilst the service providers on our platform are not specialist piano movers, some drivers are able to transport upright pianos under express instruction. We would typically recommend a three person team and a giant (luton) van with a tail lift. It is best to check the driver's profile on the quotes page of the website, as some giant vans may not have a tail lift.


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