Preparing for Move Day


When preparing for a move it is important to think about the day and to do what you can to make the process of loading and unloading as hazard free as possible. We do understand this is not always possible, a classic example would be you are unable to get into the loft to pack your items.  In this situation you can still make this a hazard free process just by informing the service provider that going up into the loft and lowering your items will be required.

You can add specific notes that your driver will receive by entering the details into the brief description box which can be found under the vehicle images on the My Move page. The more information that is passed onto the service provider, the better so they can arrive prepared to tackle what could be an awkward task.

Some items of clothing are of high and sentimental value so to protect them you can buy wardrobe boxes that are designed for items of clothing you would rather not fold i.e. suits and evening dresses. You can use hangers with wardrobe boxes which are perfect for secure transport.  Some may say that these boxes are unnecessary and expensive but I have seen them in action and they really work well in protecting high value items against creases.  Boxes and packing equipment can be found at any storage company in the UK and you do not have to have an active storage account to be able to buy their packing equipment.  Big Yellow Storage is a good place to get a guide price on packing equipment.  If you are really prepared and have time on your side you can try eBay as they are constantly offering special deals on packing equipment. 



A common mistake made is wrapping porcelain in old newspaper. The newspaper ink often comes off and stains the porcelain, which is very difficult to remove and often results in frustration and damage. Always remember to wrap porcelain in packing paper that has no ink on it. This rule also applies to glass items.  To be sure of no staining and extra protection consider investing in a roll of bubble wrap (value for money!)



Compare the Man and Van recommends that any large furniture be dismantled when possible.  If you do not have the tools or experience to disassemble the items, do not worry as all of our man and van services carry Allen keys, spanners and screwdrivers. Another top tip for removing furniture/kitchen appliances is not to seal the swinging parts of the items with duct tape unless it is of M3 grade, as the glue residue will be left on the items and is a nightmare to remove and often results in too much pressure being applied which can result in damaged items.



Books are unbelievably heavy so be sure not to overload your boxes as this becomes a safety issue for you and the man and van service provider.  At the same time be sure to pack the books up to the top of the box.  I can almost hear people thinking that doesn't make sense!  What does he mean don't overload the box but be sure to completely fill it as well? The answer is to use boxes of suitable size, so you can fill the box fully you can still lift it safely.  If you do not load the box to the top when the boxes are loaded into the van the weight from the box on top will crush the box beneath it down to the point where the books are in the box. The cardboard collapses and the boxes have every chance of falling over.


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