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To make sure you get the best deal we'll show you great prices from all of our drivers, including Attila's Van Services , if they're available on the day of your move.


Choose Attila driver who is one of the most reliable driver on this site

You can book either small or medium van delivery with him

Please note if you book small van and your stuff wouldn't fit you will be charged for medium van

Forgot details (extra stairs, extra miles) also should be charged

London congestion zone entering is £11.5


Small van load dimensions:

L 1.6m x W 1.25m x H 1.1m  around 2 cubicmetres

L 5.3ft x W 4.12ft x H 3.73ft  around 81,5 cubicfeet


Medium van load dimensions (which is bigger then medium vans usually):

L 2.9m x W 1.75 m x H 1.6 m  around 8.12 cubicmetres

L 9.61 ft x 5.88 ft x H 5.29 ft   around 300 cubicfeet


Attila driver dimensions:

187cm tall, 105kg, EU46 shoes



Small van load on the picture

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