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Hello we have Large & Two Luton Vans available for you, One Luton Van does come with a Tail lift. 


We are a company that provides cleaning, removals, waste recycling and delivery services.

We cover all London and outside london.

Our prices are competitive and affordable.

We are reliable and our prices are honesly charged to meet customers expectations. We thrive to provide an unforgettable customer's experience and always put our customers first and endlessly improve the quality of our services. Please see our positive feedback about our staff.

Terms and conditions 


By Selecting and agreeing to NO help needed, this means that the customer will load the van from start to finish. Moving items around can be both risky for the customer and other people such as pedestrians and other nearby parked cars. By selecting No Help Needed, you are agreeing that you will be liable for any damages occurred by you to vehicle(s) and /or pedestrians. We will not be able to step in should adverses situations occurring you choose NO Help Needed. We have public and liability insurance that covers our member of staff only.

When ordering a small van, please make sure that you have evaluated all the items that could fit in a small van. If you select a small van and it turns out you have more items to fit in small van, We reserve the right to charge an adjustment price according to the items you have. We treat all customers fairly so we expect that all customers declare all items they have to avoid confusions or disappointment. 

When selecting driver helping, this means that the driver will give you a hand with your items but in no circumstances, it means that the driver will move all your items by himself. If you are  not prepared to help load your items, please select driver plus one person.  We have driver's assistants to help with loading your items into the van, so  please use this option if you have more items to be handled just by one person.

It is now mandatory to book for driver and helper if you have more than two flights of stair. Whether or not you have people to help in the other hand, we now require customers to select two people instead of one person due to the nature of the job we do.


As a registered company, we are able to take card payments and bank transfer as well as cash payment. We work in partnership with Compare the  man and van, in some circumstances compare the man and van will take the full payment or part payment depending on the customer'a choice at the time of booking. Any remaing balance to pay,  should be either be paid by card or cash to the driver or bank transfer or direct debit by calling the company directly. Any overtime incurred from the removal should be paid to the driver before departure time. Failure to pay for this, will incur surcharge and overdue payments fees up to £8 a day or £56 a week in addition to the final overdue balance. The overdue payment continue to roll on a daily basis and the customer will be liable to make a full payment including overdue charges. By booking with us, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Late arrival

It is often beyond our control if the driver's running behind schedule. This could be either due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances such as a road accident or road blocks or heavy traffic due to rain or other issues. Please bear with the driver on this particular occasion because they will try their best to reach you as soon as they can.


You may be contacted by us for feedback about your removal experience. Please be honest to highlight issues needing improvement and/or adjustment. We take feedback very seriously because it is key to better service, so please do not be reluctant to provide us with one. 


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