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Chris Whiteman


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Chris Whiteman

Vehicle Make/Model: Mercedes ML270 CDI

Large MPV suited for flat moves and medium loads.

So what differentiates my service from others?...

The vehicle I use is actually an SUV, so typical levels of comfort are far higher than a van. I also only do one job at a time, so you will have the full comprehensive service from A to B. Especially for longer distance moves, the levels of comfort in an SUV is higher than a van. It even has a DVD player you can watch movies on!

I endeavour to provide a timely, polite service at the most competitive price.

The vehicle is very comfortable if you wish to travel with your load, has leather seats so you can travel in refinement.

Vehicle suitable for small to medium loads.


Please note that an £11.50 charge is payable in cash if the job is in the Congestion Zone in London, between 07:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday. Please note that if a booking is made, you have agreed to this condition.




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