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Dunkerley Zenawei Freight


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Dunkerley Zenawei Freight


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Being a Family run business, we believe in great customer service and treat customers in a friendly manner we would like to be treated ourselves when paying for a service.

Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standard and our professional driving team always treat the vehicle and your cargo with care and sympathy.

What we can carry is varied, with a payload of 1,460kgs no matter what the goods, they will always be handled, loaded, covered and lashed securely.

Rest assured you are in good hands and we like to lead where others follow!

We belive strongly in the Japanese Kaizen Philosophy, meaning to never become compaicant and there is always room for improvement.

We are at your Service and look forward to welcoming your business.

Craig Dunkerley

Managing Director

Dunkerley Zenawei Freight




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