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Art Man Van Transportations handle all your moving and shipping requirements, whether they be a simple collection and delivery from Ikea, an eBay/Gumtree collection of furniture and white goods, right the way through to art, precious goods and antiques. All consignments are precious to us and are handled with love and respect.

We are small and independent shipping and courier team who value your delivery needs with as much care and attention as you would if you had the time or available transport to do it yourself. Our mission is to provide full peace of mind to the general public, private gallery, artists, exhibitions, private clients, architectural models, auction houses, relocation services, shipping firms, couriers, are all highly regarded customers.






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  • Compare The Man And Van
  • Shift Group Ltd
  • 86-90 Paul Street
  • London
  • England
  • EC2A 4NE
  • Company number 08890359
  • VAT number GB 285 6182 72


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