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Unfortunately this driver has left our service. But don't worry, we have hundreds of brilliant drivers waiting to help with your move.

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This van has Gold level Insurance


Efficienttimely and provides essential services that meets the moving needs of clientel on a daily basis.

Experienced in transporting motorbikes and carry all the equitment to do this, so any items that need to be straped or protected with blackets I have all of these to hand. 

Having moved people around the uk and across europe so driving with a full payload or a strapped fragile payload is something I understand very well. 

Whatever you are moving, if it fits I will get the job done.  

I drive a VW Transporter  Long Wheel Base which is very comfortable and bluetooth radio if you want to put your own tunes on

The dimenson of the loading area are as follows -  

Hieght   1,410mm

Width    1,692mm

Length  2,970mm 


Hope to hear from you Soon 











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