Unfortunately this driver has left our service. But don't worry, we have hundreds of brilliant drivers waiting to help with your move.

Dimitrios Frantzolis


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We can't give you a quote from Dimitrios Frantzolis, but we have hundreds of drivers waiting to offer you a great price.

With our service make it simple...just let us know, when it is possible to collect from you... at a time that suits you...

More than 20 years professional experience...in house removals and delivery services...

Our quote for your move includes :

- A luton van with tail lift

- 2 professional movers

- Blankets, straps for safe transporting

- All furniture will be loaded and unloaded to your chosen rooms

- No hidden costs.

We transport large or small goods.We drive a Ford Transit Luton Box Van 2.4 TDCi . We have the necessary cover to operate as a Courier and Removals driver, so you will feel secure knowing that your belongings are covered.

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