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KM DOOR 2 DOOR LTD since its inception was born out of a vision that serves customers needs. The visionary behind KM DOOR 2 DOOR LTD was a former storage employee who perceived that a new removal company should be established that will serve customers with professionalism, reliability and affordability. Therefore their first sets of customers were domestic and business customers from storage and the local community where it was established. Now it proudly serves customers from local to global.



Moving can be challenging and we at KM DOOR 2 DOOR LTD endeavour to make it a smooth transition by giving you the utmost peace of mind. Staff will carry, lift and pack goods professionally for you so all you have to do is relax and look forward to your belongings or stock arriving at your new home or business premises.



A great packing service is available should you require it. This consists of bubble wraps, boxes, covers, tapes and many more.



We provide courier service (collections & deliveries)  so whatever you’ve ordered and it costs too much for you to pick up or have it delivered we will promtly do it for you so it arrives on time and hassle free! KM DOOR 2 DOOR LTD are always serving both business and domestic customers alike.



Many businesses and domestic customers frequently do not know where to get rid of their rubbish. This is where we come alive. We will dispose of your rubbish from cabinets, pallets, boxes, paper shredding and many more. So there's no clearance job too small or big. 



KM DOOR 2 DOOR LTD can arrange storage for you with a renown leading storage company.

 In the storage industry, new customer(s) are frequently offered an introductory 

discount but after that period ends normal rates apply. Through KM DOOR 2 DOOR LTD you could be entitled to further discount for long term storage (i.e. 3-6 months plus). 


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