Time Algorithm Disclaimer | Compare The Man and Van

Incorrect information provided during the get quotes process:

We request and require all the relevant information in relation to your move to the system to generate your quotes. Failure to provide accurate information on a large and deliberate scale will result in delays. Taking your time on the my move page means this situation is avoidable.


Adverse Weather Conditions:

Estimated job time completions can be affected by rain, snow, wind, fog and ice. These weather conditions are likely to affect your estimated travel time and the time it takes to load and unload the Van. By checking the predicted weather conditions on the day of your move you can prepare and protect your items with waterproof packing materials if necessary.


Road Traffic Delay: 

Delays to your job time can be affected by unforeseen traffic conditions such as rush hour and school run congestion, highway maintenance, temporary road works, road accidents, public sector strikes, Police checkpoints and advertised events such as sports and festivals. If you are travelling within a city or town on a weekend, be sure to check if your local sports team are playing as usually thousands of people will travel from far and wide to attend causing severe traffic delays.


Children and Pets:

Be sure to have any young children and pets restricted to a safe area within your property as when they roam free they often get in the service providers way en route to and from the van slowing down the moving process. Children and pets are not always visible when items are being carried, creating a serious health and safety issue for everyone involved and unnecessary delay.


Dismantling and Assembly: 

In scenarios where large furniture will need to be brought up / downstairs be prepared for drawers, doors and the contents to be removed prior to the moving of the item. This is to lower the weight of the item and also to stop doors swinging open and damaging other items and property. Do not duct tape the doors shut as this does not decrease the weight of the item and will damage the exterior finish (glue residue) When on-site dismantling is required our service providers will reassemble the item at the destination.



When preparing for your move be sure to box as many of your items as possible, leaving multiple small items such as cleaning product bottles , not in boxes will add multiple trips to and from the Van resulting in delay.


Waiting times: 

Unforeseen waiting times apply to most moves within the industry below are the most common waiting time examples. 

1) Moving to or from a property that has a front door entry phone system 

2) Electrically locked internal security doors

3) A lift that is used by multiple residents on multiple floors

4) Manager or Security staff to report to on arrival 

5) Visitors pass is to be attained on arrival 

Always inform managers and receptions of your intended move date so communal areas can be clear of obstruction, restricted parking can be made available and any security door key fobs/passes can be ready for when the driver arrives.


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