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HB Drivers Ltd is made up of an extremely hard working, professional and experienced Husband and Wife team, Henry and Becky Barter.

Henry has been working in the transport industry for 15 years and over the years has achieved many qualifications as well as knowledge.

Henry has experience in the following;

Transport Co-ordination

HGV Class One Driver with experience in;


Waste managment


Palletised Distribution

Multi Drop

Temperature Control

ADR Work

Hiab (Lorry Mounted Crane)

Plant Operation and Haulage

360 Degree Excavato

Loading Shovel

Forklift (Reach, Counter Balance and Tele Handler)

Night Trunking

General Haulage (long/short distance)


Becky has 18 years experience in Customer Service and has been in top management roles.  She fully understands and respects the views and opinions of the customer, and particularly the main concept of the customer journey; that the Customer is Number One.


We are committed, friendly, hard working and we will always strive to be as competitive as possible.


Feel free to contact us for a quote.


Many thanks 

Henry & Becky

HB Drivers Ltd

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