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We can't give you a quote from Morr mbye, but we have hundreds of drivers waiting to offer you a great price.

We are a family Removal and Transport Services compay with many years experience. We do General Removal services for house and office, Collection and delivery, store pick and courier services

Our aim is to always make sure our customers happy with our service. We are very responsible, reliable and reasonable and always promise to deliver. We are fully insured as a professional company.

We supply free boxes and tapes and other removal materials to customers moving house. We do packing service if required.

We might not be the lowest bidder sometimes but we guarantee you good service which is matter to consider most of the time.

As a professional, our quote will depend on the following factors.

1. The number of household items you have and boxes?
2. How many stairs involve and how many floor?
3. What will be the parking distance from the house to the vehicle?
4. Do you require packing service?
5. Do you require packing materials?
6. Do you want mattress and sofa covers and your white goods to be wrap?

Thank you for reading and If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any question.

Terms and Conditions:
If you have more items than stated on your listing then extra charges might be added to your invoice..

a cancellation fee of 50% will be charge if you decide to cancel the job within a sort notice.

We have no control over the traffic delays, road closures, breakdowns. These factors always affect times of arrival or delivery but we will always keep you updated when thinks like this happen and if possible arrange a better time. 

Make sure all your household items can easily fit into your property and be able to move them easily. If we have to dismantle any furniture like wardrobes, dinning tables or beds then an extra cost will be added to your quote. 

You have the responsibility to make sure our vehicles have a good parking access to your property. If your property parking distance is more than 10 metres then we will have to charge you for the working distance as our men work very hard and is not fair for them to carry heavy items at a long distance without extra pay.

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