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Man And Van Transportation Transformation

In the past five years, the Man and Van industry has trebled in size. This is due to the number of vans on the road and the number of people moving home every year increasing. This has led to the largest sector increase over any other industry in the UK. These exponential growth statistics mean that you can now get highly rated removal services for exceptional Man and Van prices. This is why we have put together a moving guide with tips on how to book the best service for you.
The Compare the Man and Van team come from a lifetime of experience within the Man and Van industry. We are here to apply our experience, thus removing the stress out of both your move day and the often convoluted booking process.
As soon as you have entered your move details into our quick and simple removal quote form, you will be seconds away from viewing various Man and Van quotes. All quotes are confirmed rates from service providers in your area, and you are never obligated to book; these prices are free to compare online, and we are happy to help answer any questions you have through our live chat facility.


Why we are different compared to other Man and Van operators

The majority of Man and Van websites located online operate a certain number of Man and Vans on the road each day. This means that they will take all of the bookings they can, without knowing if a man and van will be available for the date and time you have requested. 

If you have booked a van for a confirmed date and time and the van does not arrive, naturally you would opt to call the customer service line. Upon doing so, you would be told that your van has been delayed on another job; a particularly useless excuse when you're waiting outside with your belongings, or if you have an estate agent pacing the room wanting the keys from you. 

This happens all of the time with man and van operators and can be a stressful experience for both the customer and controller. Consequently, this would result in poor customer service and complaints. 

Compare the Man and Van do not operate this way. in contrast, we can guarantee that if you book a man & van through our platform, the service you book is available for the date/time you have selected. This slot is reserved for you specifically, upon the point of booking. 

The text and email confirmations you receive will contain all of your drivers' contact details, so you can contact the driver directly. In the event of a delay, you will be updated with regular estimated times of arrival because the driver is en route to you rather than stuck on another job.

Another advantage to booking with Compare the Man and Van is all of our drivers take pride in the art of transporting items safely which maintains their high feedback ratings on our website. You will not be able to view feedback on each of the multi van operators drivers. You must check each companies reviews before you book or you could very easily have a bad day.

You can view compare the man and van's feedback on Feefo and the driver's feedback from inside their profiles on the quotes page. We have already over 100 man and van members active in London alone who are all are eager to build a reputation. This makes Compare the Man and Van's pier to pier booking platform the key to a less stressful move day experience.


Man and Van Services VS Van Hire

Many people are not aware of the risks that come with Hire Vans when moving home and the advantages of hiring a local Man and Van service. The obvious expense with hiring a Van is the deposit you are required to pay which on average is £300.00.

Then there is the excess you will be charged for the smallest of dents. Because the hire Van company would have requested your credit card details before driving the Van away there is nothing you can do to stop them charging your card between £500 - £1,000 which is charged as standard by Hire Van companies.

Then there is the equipment required to move your items safely i.e. trolley, straps, and blankets. You will not be provided with this equipment by the Hire Van company and they will let you drive away knowing there is every chance you have no experience in driving a heavy goods vehicle and that you have no experience in loading the vehicle safely. 

If you do not use straps and blankets when loading the Van you will likely get to the first corner of your journey and hear a loud bang in the back of the Van. Not only will this make you jump but your possessions could be damaged and so may the Van internally depending on the weight of what is being moved. Now what seemed like a good idea has turned into an expensive nightmare. 

Any professional Man and Van service provider will always have the equipment to transport your items safely. You will be asked to pay a small deposit by credit or debit card when booking to secure your van’s availability for the day you are moving, you can then pay the remaining balance in cash to the driver at the end of your move and be issued with either a paper or electronic receipt. 

If you do not feel you need the driver’s help to load and unload the Van, which is why you have considered Hiring a Van you can select a no help needed service which will reduce your prices and mean two passengers can travel in the Van at no extra charge.

On the whole, we would always recommend a Man and Van service rather than a Hire Van company. You will save time and money and is much less effort because you don’t have to go to the garage to refuel the Van before returning it and then have to wait around for the Hire Van company to check the Van for damage.


Things to do before moving

- Plan ahead for your moving date, If you need storage/boxes always order in advance, this will mean you are prepared and ready to go for when your Man and Van arrives. 

-Make a moving house checklist. This is the best way to make sure that you don’t forget anything important when your start packing.

- Don't forget to tell your bank, credit card providers, home insurance company, building society, TV licensing, DVLA and other websites you have joined that your home address details will be changing.

- Make sure you have all of the keys back from neighbours, friends and relatives before leaving the property and give them to your estate agent.

- Make a list of important phone numbers like your estate agents, your solicitor and Man and Van service provider.

- If you are moving to a completely new area be sure to tell your doctor, dentist and optician that you will be registering with new ones.

- Arrange for your utilities to be switched off before leaving your current property and reconnecting in your new home. It’s also best to take meter readings before you leave!

- And finally, contact your internet service provider so they can connect you to your new home.

How To Save On Storage

Compare the Man and Van are all about getting customers the best prices when moving home and this includes storage facilities. Where people tend to lose money when moving home is requesting storage with the service provider who is helping them move.

This is a mistake as you will be charged extra to have the service provider arrange what you could arrange online in minutes. Over the last few years, you have probably noticed the many large storage facility's opening in your area the reason for this is because it's easy to book, cost-effective and convenient if you are prepared to contact your local storage facility directly this will save you money.

As soon as you have confirmed your storage space return to Compare the Man And Van enter your details and compare live quotes with the option to book instantly. The driver will then either meet you at the storage facility or stop at the storage facility en route to your destination.

If you don't want to arrange the storage yourself you can request a call back from a service provider from inside their driver profiles on the quotes page and they will be happy to discuss arranging storage for your items with you.


How To Save On Packing Services

Compare the Man and Van are all about helping customers get the best prices when moving and this includes Packing Services. Where people tend to lose money when moving is paying the service provider to provide the packaging.

This is a mistake as you will be charged extra to have the service provider buy and bring the packaging with them. If they purchase your packaging from a local storage facility you could be paying as much as £5.00 for a medium box, which can get expensive especially when you combine the additional charge for the service provider to do the packing.

The answer to this problem is to buy online, if you still have 5 days+ before your move then you still have time to order your packaging which will save you money. The most popular place to order packaging is eBay as you buy up to 25 New large boxes for as little as £18.00 and can get even better deals on used boxes at auction.


Customer Loading Service

Most Man and Van services offer a customer loading service (no help from the driver) which is their minimum charge.

The service will arrive at the collection address and open up the Van so you can load your items. The Vans trolley, straps and blankets will be available for you to use and the driver will be on hand to advise on how to use the loading equipment if required.

Once you are loaded the driver will drive to your destination and again open the van so you can unload your items. The customer loading service is very popular with people who have friends or family to help load and unload the Van so if you are prepared to load and unload yourself then this will save you money.


Student Discounts

Compare the Man and Van service providers love to help the next generations and often offer Student discounts. The services chosen discount percentage will be deducted from your online quotes providing you require the driver to help load and unload. If you have friends or family available who can assist with the loading and unloading you can book our customer loading service (no help from the driver) which will save you more than the drivers discount.

If you choose to book the customer loading service all of the van's equipment will be available for you to use and the driver will be happy to give advice when requested. We, unfortunately, cannot offer a customer loading and student discount combined as this would not make the move viable. We hope this has explained how Compare the Man and Van's services offer student discounts.


Moving Internationally

Moving internationally is often seen as a daunting task. Choosing a removals company that can work internationally depends on several factors, including the location you are moving to, the speed you want your goods to arrive, and the method of transportation you want for your goods. To determine the final price, contact several companies and receive quotes. Most businesses will provide information for both sea and air freight, allowing you to choose the method most suitable for you.

Sea Freight

Your belongings can be shipped through the sea in a full container load or groupage. A full container offers you an independent, safe and secure steel container. These containers differ in size, and you will be given a different price quote depending on the size and volume of the container, which varies from 2,400 to 850 cubic feet. This method prevents any third party from accessing your goods, as well as any accidental mix up with someone else’s property.

On the other hand, groupage is a shared container that only ships when it is full, so you are unable to accurately predict its shipment date. However, groupage is more cost-effective compared to a full container load.

Air Freight

Although a rather expensive form of transportation of goods compared to sea freight, sending your goods through the air does provide you with several advantages. For example, your goods will be shipped in a shorter period.

Airfreight charges are also determined based on size and volume. The items are placed in the cargo section of the plane and are packaged in special containers before being flown.

Within Europe

You have several options for moving items within Europe. Either you can choose a company that will package your items for you, or you can choose to self-package. Companies will issue you a quote depending on your needs, so make sure to clearly state your requirements.


Packing Services

Most removal firms will give you the option of packing the items yourself or requesting the removal firm to do the packing on your behalf. You can save money by packing on your own, but a packing service saves you time and professionally pack your goods, avoiding any accidental damage. Below is a list of services commonly offered by packing services:

Full Packing Service

The removals company will pack everything for you with the full packing service. You can inform the company if you want certain items handled differently. Most services also include special packaging for fragile goods.

Glass, China, and Ceramic

Need help with just those tricky items that are easily breakable? You can find a company to pack those items specifically and save on costs. Make sure to check that the company you choose is trained to handle delicate crockery, such as china.


Sometimes moving clothes can be a hassle, especially when you need them to stay fresh and free of creases. Ask the removals company if they have experience handling clothes. The company should be able move them while hanging or fold them, without damaging their shape.

Other Items

Heavy items, such as books, can also be packed separately for convenience. In addition, some companies may offer to package goods like utensils, which some customers might find hard to handle.


Packing Material

Packing materials are another major moving cost. No move is complete without boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Most removal firms sell all types of packing materials to their customers. You can order moving packs and individual boxes online, or pick them up from a local store. Some materials you might need include:

- Strong and sturdy boxes of various sizes
- Tape or tape guns
- Packing paper
- Rolls of bubble wrap
- Mattress protectors
- Bubble bags
- Plastic sofa covers

Make sure that the packing material is delivered on time to allow you to pack the items prior to the arrival of the removal firm.


Specialist Movers

Your moving costs will differ if you have items that require special handling and transportation. Extravagant art, antique jewelry, and luxurious furniture need careful attention. You will need a service company that is trained, insured, and professional. Review their credentials, their association with other companies, and their staff qualifications before trusting them with your valuables. Specially designed crates and boxes are required for this type of service. A complete surveillance of the moving process with cameras during all stages is another available service.


Requesting a Survey

Requesting a survey is important and is often free of charge. It allows the removal company to assess the job before the moving day so they can come prepared. Be honest and clear with what you want moved. Point out any tight spots on your territory or specify hard to access items. The company should provide you a quote after the survey based on the volume of items. It is a good idea to dispose of or sell unnecessary items to significantly lower your volume and moving costs.


Fixed Price vs. Hourly Rates

Your Man and Van cost could be drastically lowered based on whether you choose a pay as you go service or a fixed price. Your personal situation will determine which rate is the most ideal. If you are confident that you can pack all of the items and that they are easily removable, then you may want to choose a pay as you go service to save money.

Most companies will provide you a fixed price quote with additional costs for other services included as a precaution. For example, a company may give you a quote that requires an additional hour to move your sofa due to its tight location. However, perhaps you have experience moving the sofa and you are certain that the location will not be a problem. In this case, you can request the removals firm to give you an hourly rate, since you know that the entire process needs less time than they expect.

Most removal firms with fixed rates maintain a “one placement” policy for each item once it arrives at its destination. This means that you cannot ask them to move it to a different position after it has been placed in its initial spot. In this case, you will likely prefer an hourly rate to provide the removal firm the time to properly arrange your items.

Although hourly rates are more flexible and convenient, budgeting them can be difficult since you will not know the final rate beforehand. If cost is an issue for you and you are uncertain that the hourly rate will match the fixed price, then you should consider the fixed price rate. Offices, companies, and business also prefer a fixed price rate for its advantage of a definite price quote.


The Best Choice

In the end, determining the best choice for a removals company depends on your personal needs and preferences. If you book a Compare the Man and Van service provider, your move will be comfortable and hassle-free.

Always keep a list of items with you before you send them, and label your boxes for easy handling. Demand clear answers from you Man and Van service provider. Verify the firm’s credentials and experience by viewing the their driver profiles on the quotes page of our website. Make arrangements for pets or elderly so that they are not lost or hurt during the moving process. Most importantly, while you prepare for your moving day, make sure to relax and enjoy the process as much as possible.

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