Compare the Man and Van are all about helping customers get the best prices when moving and this includes Packing Services. Where people tend to lose money when moving is paying the service provider to provide the packaging.

This is a mistake as you will be charged extra to have the service provider buy and bring the packaging with them. If they purchase your packaging from a local storage facility you could be paying as much as £5.00 for a medium box which can get expensive especially when you combine the additional charge for the service provider to actually do the packing.

The answer to this problem is to buy on-line, if you still have 5 days+ before your move then you still have time to order your packaging which will save you money. The most popular place to order packaging is eBay as you can by up to 25 New large boxes for as little £18.00 and can get even better deals on used boxes at auction.

As you have seen all of our quotes are Pay As You Go so our services providers will be more than happy to arrive and carefully pack your items for you. 
If you would still like the service provider to provide your packing materials you can request a call back from the service provider from inside their driver profiles which can be found on the quotes page and they will be happy to call and discuss your packing requirements with you. 

You can also add that you require packing services in the brief description box which can be found under the when youre moving section of the My Move page your driver will receive these notes when you book. 

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