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The Revolutionary Force In Logistical Transportion



How it works

Confirm your booking with CMV ELITE and you will receive the contact details for our control team who will be monitoring your booking from start to finish. All service providers who work with us are fully vetted and come highly recommended by Compare the Man and Van.



Services Provided

ELITE members do not charge by the amount they are moving but the time it takes to complete your move. We have drivers from all sectors of the logistical industry so add any special requirements you have into the brief description box on this website so we can invite the best drivers with experience in the service you require.


. Man and Van Transport


. Part Removals and Relocations


. Full Removals and Relocations


. One item moves


. Local Store Collections


. On-line Goods Collections


. Storage collections


. Emergency ad-hoc bookings


. B 2 B business deliveries


. Courier multi - drop


. Theatres, gallery's and functions


. Passengers can travel in the van at no extra charge if required

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