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To make sure you get the best deal we'll show you great prices from all of our drivers, including Sorin Paun, if they're available on the day of your move.




Parcels delivery, furniture and various transport services

Hardworking dedicated who likes to do the job 100% I am available 24 hours a day,


7 days a week so if you have any off peak requirements.

If you want to know more then ask for specific details please send us a message.

 Please disclose any damage / irregularities / problems before the driver goes as you won't be covered with insurance otherwise

If no stairs are specified before a booking is made then its only fair a new price is renegotiated as it delays any other clients later that day and no one wants to be delayed

Parking restrictions, toll roads and congestion charges. If you live within the congestion zone area , please add on top of payments otherwise let me know. The presumption is you should have researched the basic restrictions at your current abode, If we notice there could be a possible violation, including the delivery address, we will advise appropriately and again the price may have to be adjusted. Please be aware of this

Please be as prepared as you can before the driver arrives ie dismantling/reassembling (we can provide this service), items packed etc to minimise delays. Please don't be offended if the driver starts to negotiate a higher price due to poor planning . ALSO PLEASE BOOK AS EARLY S YOU CAN. Days/times get taken very quickly and whether you book with others or myself, it enables you to choose your requirements - no one wants second or third options

If the driver is delayed with your move, they will be in contact as soon as it happens / when they know. No one can predict traffic or previous clients delays so please be patient, your move will be completed in some way, almost definitely the same day! 



Only takes a few mins, most work accepted is usually taken with a review of feedback,

it just helps

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