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Zaker Hussain


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Was the driver on time: Yes

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I did specify that I needed the driver to help carry my four chairs and table into my flat up one flight of stairs. As I have a dislocated knee, I was not able to help. At first my driver was very adamant that I would have to go and find someone else to help. I explained this was not possibly hence why I specified I needed the driver to carry things in for me and paid for that service. He eventually did come around but only after a lot of hesitancy which I was not expecting. In the end, we came up with a solution but I really didn't need the push back considering I'm barely mobile right now. I also didn't appreciate paying for a medium truck (upon recommendation from the website that it would be require for four chairs and a table). There was loads of room! I could have saved money by going with a smaller vehicle. But, I do appreciate that the driver was punctual however he had no idea that I had paid my deposit already as that information was not sent to him beforehand.

1 year ago

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