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    Gavin's Edinburgh Logistics    


Please add any special requirements you have into the brief description box on the website then we can make sure your move is smooth.




 Services Provided 

. Man and Van Transport

. Part Removals and Relocations

. Full Removals and Relocations

. One item 

. Goods Collection

. Storage collection

. Emergency ad-hoc bookings

. B 2 B business 

. Courier multidrop

. Theatres, gallery's and functions


 Things you need to know  


If you need the driver to bring tools for dismantling and assembling please add a description of the items and the tools required ie Allan key or crosshead (Phillips) screwdriver.

 Multiple Trips 

Your online quote is for the journey you have entered into the website and does not include multiple trips back and forth as standard. Your driver will be happy to make multiple trips for you but he will charge for the extra mileage costs incurred plus a via stop fee and any resulting extra time.


 Top Tip 

It is often better to book a bigger Van if you are not 100% sure of the Van size you need, there is often not much difference in price between a Medium Van and Large Van on the website.

Call Compare the Man and Van if you need help with van size selection.



 Small Van Loads 





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