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my name is ali khan 

i m friendly talkative and strait forward practical man from London born in Peshawar 


I m hard working person self employed 

i use to work as part worn tyres supplier or wholesaler 

apart from doing man and van jobs

I m also capable of installing marbles, tiles,stones on walls and floors

painting walls doors etc 

general house maintenance 

garden care etc 

I have some knowledge about auto mobile Service oil change and filters light bulb changing always done for my self and friends 

I can also valet your car from inside like new 

i can also check bad fuse in your car or household electronic device  plug 

I have a lot of power tools 

like grinder,drill,socket toolbox ,wood cutting, compressor for painting,ratchets,spanners,pipe wrench,screw drivers,air recher etc 

i  also work voluntarily if I believe you really needy and you can't afford specially old age and disable people 




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