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To make sure you get the best deal we'll show you great prices from all of our drivers, including G.D Movers , if they're available on the day of your move.

Delivery van owner based in Newcastle-upon-tyne, we are available for pick-up in any surrounding towns in the North east. There is no it too big or too small and as long as it can fit into the van we will deliver it on time and safely. There is no journey too long or too short and I have 4 years experience in this field.  I also have amilitary back ground, so our service comes with respect, discipline and integrity.   So please give us a try!         

At our company we are proud to combine competitive rates with a premium delivery service.  After having worked with the worlds' leading carriers, we ensure that you get the most efficient and secure service for deliveries across the United Kingdom.  Our unbeatable prices mean you can now enjoy an excellent delivery service at a truly competitive rate so you don't have to limit the amount of goods and parcels you want delivered.

Having worked with leading couriers over the years, our company has decided to move independently to provide excellent service to our customers.  A hallmark that has distinguished us over other in the past years. 

Anytime, anything, anywhere, house moves, packages, parcels; you name it, we can deliver! 

Enjoy a fast, secure and reliable delivery service across the UK.                                          

NB: sometimes things do go wrong, for example, traffic delays, motorway closures, vehicle breakdowns, staff illness etc which may result in us not getting to you at the arranged time, or even on the arranged day.  Whilst we will endeavour to keep you fully informed, we may (due to time restraints) have to reschedule your job, but we will always try to avoid this if at all possible.                                                        

Team and Conditions                            

Please note that extra waiting time resulting from delays on your part will incur charges of £30 per hour.                                      

Please note that our Goods in Transit does not cover the following: money;  jewellery; watches; furs;  cameras;  radios;  televisions; audio-visual equipment; accessories and other electronic equipment.                                              

We will always judge the risks of carrying specific fragile items and if cautioned, customers will bear responsibility for any items that might potentially get damaged in transit and for which our insurers will not pay.                                                            

It is therefore at your own risk if we transport the above and you should take full responsibility in case of damages.  As such we encourage our customers to have household insurance in place before their goods are transported.    

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