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Transport, local, UK, Specialized in all kinds of local and UK transport of household goods, furniture removals, boxes, packages , light goods, personal items, etc. With 10 years of experience and 0 points on a UK full Licence, your belongings will arrive safe to their final destination. We are helpful drivers for small or big removals.

Fast and cheap service with extra help (if necessary) 
Single item collections 
Office removal 
Student moves 
Business removal 

We reserve the right to charge extra costs if the number of items exceed the inventory list. We also reserve the right to charge extra if there are problems with the delivery adress, wrong adresess, or any other hour of aditional time is needed to complete the job. However, we are sure that this will not not be in your case.


All fixed quotes are based on the information given to me at the time of booking. I may increase the price if any of the following have not been taken into consideration when preparing your quote.

a) If the description or quantity of items in the inventory are not disclosed properly and accurately.
b) I have to collect or deliver goods to floors higher than those agreed. (Customer must state what floor Collection & Delivery is on. (If items are being Collected/Delivered above ground floor and there is no lift available or they are not able to fit in the lift).

d) If your listing is placed as flexible collection/delivery date this means what it says. If you require a collection at a set time/day or if any restrictions on when it can be collected/delivered this must be mentioned prior to accepting my bid.

e)If you provide a different collection/delivery address than on your listing then extra charges may be incurred.

f)I will keep you informed on the day of your collection and delivery if there are any delays. 

g)I will charge an 15 pounds extra for each 30 minutes of delay.

We also reserve the right to charge Cong Chrge of 12 GBP, if a job starts or finishes in the CC area.
By accepting my quote you also accept my Terms and Conditions.

Before accepting my quote, please check availability.

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