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Gravel and Gold Clearance Specilists 


House clearance service for North coast and surroundings, Coleraine, Ballymena, Limavady Ballycastle....Running out of space?? Do you have loads of stuff that you don't use anymore? Try to find the time to clear your garage, shed, loft....? Just give us a call and we will do it for you! 

Along with our clearance services, we offer a delivery service. So maybe after a clearance there are items you would like sent to a relative large or small, we can do this for you too.We also offer a local delivery service. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to arrange the transport of your goods. Whether you’ve purchased it from an online auction site or an online retailer who doesn’t offer a delivery service or you are simply moving from a piece from one property to another, we can help. 

This service covers Northern and southern Ireland we collect items from the requested address, take directly to the transport vehicle and cover it in protective wrapping (including shrink wrap if needed). We then tie and secure the items in the van, contacting you via text to assure you it has been collected. To be clear throughout, our objective is to keep you informed at every stage of the delivery process with text messages, emails and calls if necessary.


We also buy Vintage Retro Antiques

Call or check out our website for an assessment, price or quote, cash paid for the following....

  • **Antique Coins/Medals/Jewelry** 
  • **Architectural and Salvage** 
  • **Vintage Advertisement, enamel signs** 
  • **Old memorabilia, Postcards, etc** 
  • **Vintage Toys, Oil lamps etc** 
  • **Antique furniture and Art** 

If you are clearing out a property or have items hidden away in your wardrobe/shed/attic that could be valuable and you wish to sell these Items, always after anything old or unusual, :) 

078 58033683

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