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We are provider of Innovative logistics and Supply-Chain services and solutions, with an extensive network. With our quality people and advance information technology, we are dedicated to offering the best National and Domestic logistics services and network that enables our customers to make the right moves in their Supply chains. Whether a car, light or heavy commercial vehicle or furnitures and equipments. We are uniquely positioned to offer both in-life, end of life inspection and movement of vehicles, furnitures and equipments to their chosen destination.


1. Applications for Service 

1.1 These logistics terms and conditions apply to all (supplementary) logistics services not covered by our transportation contract in accordance with the General United Kingdom freight forwarding terms and conditions.

Such logistics services may be activities for the principal or third parties named by the principal, like for example, price quoted, acceptance (Online logistics site / call centre), treatment of goods, County or customer - specific adaptation of goods, assembly, quality control, implementation of goods and commodities or activities in connection with planning of movement, control or monitoring of the management of orders, processes, sales, returns, disposals, recycling and information technology.

1.2. Principal can be explained as the party that instructs its contracting partners with the provision of logistics services for itself or third parties.

1.3. Service Provider can be explained as (us) party that has been instructed to provide logistics services.

2. Data Exchange Electronically 

2.1. Each party has the right to create, notify, transmit and exchange statements electronically, for as long as the transmitting party can be identified. The transmitting party is responsible for loss and correctness of the transmitted data.

2.2. Communication between two data processing systems requires the provision of a common IT system by the logistics provider the cost incurred for the necessary work shall be borne by the principal customer. Furthermore, each party are obliged to take the usual security steps of monitoring to protect the electronic data to prevent the manipulation, loss or destruction of electronically transmitted data.

2.3. All parties shall appoint one or more contact personnel for the receipt of information, statements and questions regarding the contract and communicate their names and contact details (addresses and telephone contact), to the other party. Should any of the party named not appoint a contact person, the person responsible for signing the contract at initial stage shall be considered the contacted person. 

2.4 Documents created electronically or digitally during the process shall be considered in the same manner to written documents.

3. Acceptance, Charges and Payments 

3.1. Unless we quote and until principal customer agrees on price quoted, we shall email or telephone the individual customer on a formal acceptance of a logistics services as required from the principal, it may, due to the co-operative nature of logistics service, take place through use, re - sale or further development, delivery to the principal or third parties specified by them.

3.2. Unless otherwise stated, charges shown include value added tax (V.A.T) and of any fee or charges which maybe imposed from time to time by government or other authorities.

3.3. Our payment is due to us in cash or card payment on or before delivery of service. For principal customer whom we have carried out assignments for before, our payment terms are 30 days from the date of invoice.

4. Delays and Obstruction 

4.1. When providing services, we may face situations beyond our control or our contracting partners to get to a customer or place of work to perform duties.

Delays and obstructions are: forces of nature (high wind, heavy rain or thunderstorms), heavy traffic, road accidents , civil commotion, war or terrorist act. Measures taken by public authorities or any other unforeseeable, unavoidable event.

4.2. In the event of exemption according, each contracting party are obliged to

> Inform the other party almost immediately and within reasonable time, to minimise the effects on the other party as much as possible.

5. Duties of Service Provider 

5.1. As a service provider, we are obliged to provide services in accordance with the instructions of the the principal he/she is entitled, but not obliged to monitor these.

5.2. The industry's standard terms applicable to specific services provided by us are:

- RHA - Road Haulage Association Limited condition of carriage 1998 -- applicable for road transport services with the United Kingdom and for the purpose of which we are "the carrier" and you "the customer ".

- CMR - Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road, 19 May 1956 - applicable for non-UK, international road transport services where you are "the sender and we "the carrier ".

- UKWA - United Kingdom Warehousing Association contract conditions - for warehousing or storage of goods, where we are "the company" and you " the customer "

6. Privacy 

6.1. All party involve are obliged to treat any data and information collected not publicly accessible but as confidential and to use these exclusively for the purpose intended. Only if data and information needed by third parties (insurers, sub-contractors) for the execution of duties may be passed on to them. Similar rules of electronic confidentiality and data privacy of information shall be applied.

7. Liability of our Service, Insurance Cover.

7.1. The principal customer has to safeguard us the service provider and the people/organisations in his employ against all claims arising due to product liability legislation and other regulations protecting third parties, unless us as service provider or the people /organisation in his employ brought caused the claim of the third party with gross negligence or intent.

7.2. The service provider is only liable if he is responsible for the damage caused by (us). The resulting legal and contractual liability is limited to the foreseeable, typical damage and

7.3. To £20,000 per claim.

7.4. In the event of having to claim more than four claims due to same cause during delivery of goods with similar deficiencies to independent of the actual number of claims. Our goods in-transit covers items up to £50,000 for all claims within a year.

7.5. The above mentioned exemption from and limited of liability do not apply to 

7.5.1. Violation with intent or gross negligence of significant contractual duties by the service provider, his managerial staff or any other person acting on his behalf. Other duties of service provider or his managerial staff.

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