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We can't give you a quote from Legend Removals , but we have hundreds of drivers waiting to offer you a great price.

Local and National - whether you are moving studio flat or a 5 bedroom house just around the corner, or Aberdeen we will be happy to relocate you in the safe, cost effective approach at short notice.

Our vans - our vans reliable as they are less than 1 year old. They are greener with less CO2 emissions better fuel-efficiency which is better for the environment and which too impacts your quotation.

Equipment - each van is equipped with GPS, so we could easily locate your new home. Premium removal blankets are ideal to protect your furniture from scratches while the van is on the way to your new home. Tools to dismantle and re-assemble the furniture, that cannot be removed in one piece. All of that is to make your removal experience safe, stress free and comfortable.

Your move is insured - your personal possessions are insured up to £50,000 per load for the total piece of mind, further cover can be arranged to suit your requirements

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