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Our business has evolved from our personal experience with the moving process. We understand how important and stressful moving can be, and so we know how to ensure that the best customer service is provided from start to finish. Our work experience ranges from working for John Lewis and Amazon, to performing many moves via Compare the Man and Van. Essentially, we know what good customer service looks like.

We are always ready to handle your possessions with extra care, leaving you to concentrate on things you need to do, or to relax. We can pack your stuff too. Just let us know inside your booking description, and please allow some extra time for it. We can disassemble and reassemble your furniture as we always have tools with us. All your belongings will be properly secured in a van. After loading we will always explain how we did it just to make sure that you are happy with it. Once your booking is confirmed, you don't need to worry anymore. If we are accepting a job it means we will be there at the agreed time. Usually you will receive a text message a day prior to your move to reconfirm details. On the day, a google maps link will be provided so that you can see us live travelling to you and to your destination as well. Our goal is to fulfill our customers' needs to the highest standard and to be as cheap as Ebay. Impossible? Well it seems we have found a way! Read our reviews whilst having our affordable prices in mind. Yes. We are cheap. And yes. We are top level service providers. We are a small, mostly family run business company looking forward to meet you and do all of the hard jobs for you. See you soon!


Kind regards, Kornelijus S



About Us

  • Compare The Man And Van Ltd
  • (a fully owned subsidiary of Shift Group Ltd)
  • 27 Old Gloucester Street
  • London
  • WC1N 3AX
  • Company number 08890359
  • hello@comparethemanandvan.co.uk


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