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Hello Everyone,

My name is James and I am 33 years old.

I will try not to bore you with the usual spill you get from other drivers but I think it's important you know what services I can provide and also to give you an insight into me as this is needed when paying and trusting someone with your possessions. 

I have a full UK driving licence which I have had now for 15 years  surprise  (that's gone fast) and working with Compare the Man and Van since the website launched in 2014.

I am fully insured to drive anywhere and transport your belongings with care  wink

I always come with a box trolley, removal skates, tools, straps, protective blankets and also an up to date sat nav which is set to go the fastest route on the day or night.

I offer a 24-hour service as it is better (when possible) to do long journeys during the night when the motorways are clear. 

I have been told by previous customers that I am friendly, professional and efficient.

I take pride in my work but ultimately like you am only human and will try my best to work as fast and safely as possible.  

If you need to travel in the van you are more than welcome and if you have a cat or dog they are also welcome but please ensure they are in a travel kennel for safety reasons.

Below are some pictures of me, the van and equipment and also some tips that will help make things smoother if you decide to book me. 

Thanks for reading



Please Call Compare the Man and Van on 02036219481 if you have a question or need help with van size selection.


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