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Was the driver on time: No

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Was the driver respectful: No

Turned up three hours late (I think the booked driver pulled out and they got the job at the last minute, but why take a job if you know you can't arrive on time?) The help I ordered was the driver's wife or girlfriend- not really someone who could handle the heavy lifting needed for the job. My partner had to step in and help with the heavy stuff and I helped carry a lot of other things myself. They did work hard to pack the van with as much as possible but the van was smaller than I'd booked and I don't believe things were packed very safely. The back of the van was not closed properly. Because they were so late they got caught in traffic and ran over time. We let them leave almost everything on the ground floor to save time, leaving us to take it upstairs later. And still they complained about the extra half hour and the cost of the Severn Bridge roll, and wanted extra money. All in all a very amateurish job.

3 weeks ago

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