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To make sure you get the best deal we'll show you great prices from all of our drivers, including SRF Moves, if they're available on the day of your move.


SRF Moves is a family run business Established in 2017, our aim is to lower prices and provide a safe, reliable and friendly service to our clients.


All our vans come fully equipped with straps, blankets, trolleys, and tool boxes.

We are a fully insured removal company,

1) Good for up to £10,000 using a third party company called "Novosinsurance" £250 access.

2) Public liability £1,000,000 using a third party comopany called "Novoinsurance" £500 access

3) Haulage vehicle insurance. (For Hire And Reward)

We can provide all the materials needed to pack upon requist, packing can also be arraged.


If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.



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