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FARDS is your first choice for Fast, Accurate Reliable, Delivery Solutions. With nearly 10 years experience in the driving and delivery industries, Fards is here ready to work with you; to distribute, deliver, transport or move your products/items to its final destination safely.

Fards is an undeniable choice for delivery solutions. We value you as our customers very highly, and we are accustomed to our core principles of providing fast, accurate, reliable delivery services across London, within and beyond M25, and daily delivery contracts are also accepted. 

Most of our trucks are 3.5T LWB up to 2metres long; please ensure that your goods are not longer than 2m or heavier than 1.2 tonnes(1200kg) net weight. Considering this, we strongly advise that you:

  • Measure the size of your item(s) and secure it in a box/bags or wrap it nicely to ensure that it is safe and fits our vans.
  • Weigh your item to  determine whether you need specialist equipment to load and offload it. This will help us to know what size of van you require. 
  • Indicate whether you require additional driver, driver help or not and whether your items are on the ground floor or up the stairs please.
  • Check and plan the right time suitable for both of you and us to avoid undue delay and missed delivery

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