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We can't give you a quote from Smooth Moves, but we have hundreds of drivers waiting to offer you a great price.

An effiecient, friendly and customer focused business.

Our services are available anywhere in the UK and throughout Europe and include;

  • Removals for students and people living in small flats,
  • Collections and deliveries of items from small, medium, and large businesses
  • Storage collections
  • Theatres, galleries and functions
  • Local store collections
  • Online goods collections

The small van that we use can seat up to two passengers in its cabin, alongside the driver.

The van has within it, a folding trolley that is useful for stacking boxes and wheeling them either up, or down stairs. It is also equipped with rachet retaining straps to tie down objects that are either bulky or fragile while they are being transported.

As you can see in the recent photo below, there is a lot of space for a small van.

Smooth Moves has full Goods-In-Transit and Public Liability Insurance cover to ensure that in the event of any unforessen damage, or loss to customer items while in transit, the customer is fully covered.





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