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Reliable one man provides Man and Van Service, Specialise in those small and Medium Items.

 * VAN SIze:
Payload - 991 kg
Load Length   2.40m
Load Width    1.35m - 1.75m 
Load Hights   1.40m


T&C's :

*All communications regarding job details must be in writing
* Please always check availability just before booking.

* Waiting time at pick-up/drop-off, if the person is not there or for some other reason for more than 20 min, will incur a charge of £10 per half an hour (we will wait up to 1 hour - if possible). 

* We do not do Clearance 

* All quotes are based on : 
- Ground to the ground floor - no stairs involved (unless agreed)
 - the inventory items and dimensions listed by the customer.

* It is customer's responsibility to ensure the availability or have permission for parking

* CC & parking fees Apply





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